Satoshi’s Real Vision.

4 min readJan 8, 2020

Everyone likes to talk about what they think Satoshi believed, or simply cherry pick a single line item of his and ignore the rest… so I would like to take a moment to present a different side to this argument and make the point that above all else, Satoshi intended to give humanity a single gift. That was the gift of personal financial sovereignty, of which only Bitcoin and it’s children can offer.. I would like to lay out why I think this and make a quick, concise point about why this is a much better understanding of Satoshi’s purpose than your traditional ‘maximalist’ talking point.

‘But Satoshi only invented Bitcoin, therefore his gift was Bitcoin!’

While I might not disagree with this statement, this is where most people get pinholed into believing everything but Bitcoin is worth their time and that everyone else will die off and all that will be left is Bitcoin.. And this is the thinking of people who suffer from delusional thought leaders ruining their education opportunity with bias.

In reality, Bitcoin is the predecessor to a wide range of financial services and technologies that are actively shifting our understanding of not only money, but the role of governments, banks and a plethora of other interesting subjects like worldwide open source computing. All of these things play a role in freeing humanity from the digits that enslave us, if just a little bit.

I would like to think Satoshi wise enough to let the space flourish without leveraging the undue influence given to the Satoshi identity.. If not completely support other projects as the initial reason to create Bitcoin are still inspiring people 10+ years after its creation to try and do better.

‘But, without Bitcoin, crypto is dead!’ or ‘Everything but Bitcoin is a scam’

This is something I often see shouted from the rooftops like some fact of life and not only is it amusing, but an awful narrative at that.

Surely people don’t actually believe technology will just cease to improve do they? I would be interested in the arguments for that logic any day, but as the narrative goes, Bitcoin will simply upgrade and gobble up all the technology of other projects..

But let’s dig into what that actually means, because there are quite a few issues with this story line.. The first being, who will start those projects if they are already being launched elsewhere by said pioneers? Bitcoin Core developers? Because, it’s been over 10 years now and this is not happening, the opposite is actually. So obviously the market has a need for these projects in terms of technological growth.

Secondly, if Bitcoin were to ever ‘die’ the concept of Bitcoin would still be in play as another brand name and the holders of Bitcoin would have been airdropped 100x forked projects all competing for the giant market share hole left by Bitcoin. To think this much capital and human interest would disappear overnight is as asinine as believing in Lizard people. The monetary value is much like energy and will simply continue to move sideways into similar technologies.

‘You don’t know what Satoshi intended!’

Sure, but Satoshi does:

‘A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without the burdens of going through a financial institution.’ —

Nothing else matters, how it happens, how centralized it is (as long as purely peer-to-peer), none of this mattered to ‘him’ as long as people could literally do the above his job was completed. The markets will decide the rest from here on out.

Now let’s look at why I said “Satoshi intended to give humanity a single gift. That was the gift of personal financial sovereignty,” above:

Traditionally money and banking has been something you must have wealth to leverage outside of paying for your meals, and it’s taken humanity thousands of years to get here. During that entire time period financial sovereignty was much like the Bitcoin charts, all over the place, but over the past few hundred years it has only gotten worse and there was no end in sight… until Bitcoin was invented. With Bitcoin, the idea of ‘owning’ your value (as opposed to ‘renting’ it from the government) became a reality for many people once again, thus so did personal financial sovereignty.

That was Satoshi’s real vision. That’s why Bitcoin is so monumental and all forks of it shouldn’t be called scams but rather be entertained as long as they are fairly designed FOR the users. It’s simply technologies version of growth.

This was the mindset going into designing @DeVaultCrypto, just some food for thought.

With DeVault we aim to give the user back even more financial sovereignty by designing a finance/bank like infrastructure for the good of all users instead of creating a for-profit entity on top of some other blockchain token that ends up making a few guys wealthy as we’ve seen become the norm in crypto lately. The use case is the people. The people are the value. The transactions are simply proof of those interactions and not intended to be some robot trading blockchain with a gambling focus like some other projects in the space.

Ps. CSW is not Satoshi. The end.

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