Rest In Peace “JonSpock” 196X–2020, A Man of Values, Programming Genius, Father.

3 min readDec 17, 2020

Often times in life you meet people who you will never forget, who touch your life and help remind you that good people actually exist on this floating rock. ‘JonSpock’ (his online handle of course) was definitely one of those people, he was a man of honor, a man of logic and always put everything he could into the things he was working on or cared about, whether that be his family or his code.

We sadly have to continue on in this world without him, but the lessons he left us can be engrained into our minds if we let them. Spock was one of those guys who was so intelligent, he never had much to say, he was more someone who only spoke when he had value to add, which is a rare quality these days. He liked good music, loved technology and was one of the most talented developers in the entire cryptocurrency space. He was capable of single handedly managing the entire Bitcoin code base, had 40 years of C++ talent and without doxxing him, was a very well respected programmer outside of the crypto space as well.

I first met Spock back in the days working on Dash right after the Darkcoin rebrand where we would talk on the forums from time to time, eventually we both ended up working in other projects such as PIVX (where Jon was a leader as well) and ultimately came together to work on DeVault, a project Jon had a very very large part in developing. I personally feel like this loss is horribly sad because he was still so young and had so much more to offer this world of people who desperately needed it. He spent the last 10 months working on a custom privacy protocol based on BLS signatures and also coded the Cold Rewards mechanisms used on DVT as well. A feat very few people on this planet could even be capable of, just to prove how talented he was.

He had recently purchased a home and was spending time with his family and enjoying his life even though COVID has basically shut the world down. He was a man of compassion and always put others before himself. Even during these hard times he was working on his home so that it could be a nice place to take his family while the world was being so crazy. He spent all of his waking time worried about others and doing the most he could to help everyone around him, he never once asked for a dime to work on DeVault, he never once got angry at myself or anyone I know, he never once even sold a coin.

Crypto lost a legend. Earth lost an amazing human. His family lost a wonderful father. If only the rest of us could take a page from his book.

Rest in Peace Jon. A friend who I will never forget.

PS: I’m sure he would like you all to know he did not suffer from COVID or COVID related symptoms.

If you would like to leave a message for the family please comment below or use this form to maintain Spocks anonymity, thank you.




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